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Esports embracing blockchain, PVPChain was initially released in South Korea

The digital world which has billions players is losing its credibility

More and more unjust and disordered events are happening globally in the world of E-sports. Esports is losing its credibility while following the path of development of traditional sports.

Why is this happening?

In the process of sportilization of E-sports, it collide with commercial benefits of game producers. No person or organisation so far is trying to guide and balance.

Knowing PVPCHAIN global E-sports eco-trusted network

PVP connects businesses, game producers,, clubs, players and enthusiasts in the ecosystem. Providing a peer to peer and semi-decentralised business platform to those industry builders and participates based on Distributed Autonomous Organization model.


  • 70,000 cyber bars
  • 5 million users
  • 3.5 million device terminals

Allied with Top E-sports Companies

PVPCHAIN Trust Network can connect e-sports ecosystem every roles efficiently. It already collaborates with business, game producers, clubs and players to develop PVPCHAIN Trust Network together

Zhejiang Wangjing Technology Co., Ltd. (Wangjing Tech), established in Aug 2015. The headquarter is located in Hangzhou China, the company has three main business units including E-sports town operation, E-sports contents production, intelligent hardware development. Detailed business activities including

  • "Together with local governments build "E-sports Town", develop integrated industry operation platform"

  • Club, agency, youth training centre, education, competition events,

  • Incubate and develop intelligent hardware and software as services support product

Wangjing Tech is dedicated to facilitate sportilization process of e-sports through creation of e-sports featured cluster to cultivate and improve the ecosystem, covering various aspects including game copyright authorization, event organization, e-sports content creation and distribution etc.

Following national policy, Wangjing collaborates with over 20 Colleges by providing curriculums for e-sports majors, to about 2000 students. Wangjing operates China E-sports Digital Entertainment Town Hangzhou, the total planned area is, whereas 150000sq.meters have been opened. In 2018, Wangjing has signed agreement with Mercedes-Benz Arena Shanghai, aiming to build a global e-sports industrial culture centre.

In April 2017, the Asian Olympic Council announced that e-sports will be listed as the official competition event of the 2022 Hangzhou Asia Games. The competition will be held in the E-sports Town, led by the local government and participated by Wangjing Tech. The E-sports Theme Park and E-sports Main Venue are under construction.


"Wanjing Cultural (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. (Wangjing Cultural). The company is focusing on E-sports competition, it introduces strategic investments and partners, such as incubation, industrial park operation and real estate, together build "E-sports Town" with local government, establish industrial integrated operation platform. China (Hangzhou) E-sports Town already is in use. "

  • Game startup incubation base

  • E-sports education base

  • Professional Club Youth training base

  • Professional Club Youth training base

  • Professional Club Youth training base

Zhejiang Wangjing Education Technology Co., Ltd. (Wangjing Education) is the first patch received License to create curriculums and degree education from Ministry of Education of China

  • Education for academic qualifications

    To train executive talents of the major of E-sports, to set up the major of E-sports in management, and to arrange curriculums according to the demand of talents in the market of E-sports industry.

  • Studying abroad

    To foster overseas students majoring in E-sport, offering 2 + 2 courses, raise their academic qualifications by half, offering summer and winter camps for E-sports, and implement the system of exchange of students among schools.

  • Vocational training

    Training professional talents of E-sport industry, setting up professional training courses of E-sport industry, providing multi-position training and employment service guidance, and intern opportunities.

  • Online Business School

    Explore potential talents of E-sport, set up e-sport entrepreneurship innovation training camp; Online + offline, theoretical + seminar + excellent enterprises visit opportunities and exchange learning training mode

The purpose of online competitive education is to cultivate high-quality and professional talents in the competitive industry. From playing games, compiling games to engaging in the game industry, from building the platform of online competitive magic academy to cooperating education between schools and enterprises, vocational training of competitive talents and training of competitive professional teams. From Business to Customers, Wangjing education is committed to creating an all-round, one-stop, highly specialized E-sport talents education platform. Starting from the needs of students, focusing on the first-class teaching team, rigorous and leading curriculum system, scientific curriculum setting and high-quality professional service level, Wangjing education strives to enable every enthusiast to realize their own dream.


With the dominance of Wangjing Tech, the Wangjing cultural of its holding company has cooperated with eight cities in china including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing and Haikou, to form an online competitive town alliance system covering China by 2020

E-sports towns can provide an all-round competition and watching system for league-type and international-level competitions, and as a gathering area, build an integrated ecosphere of E-sports, cultivate and improve the industry chain of E-sports, and form an all-industry highland covering the authorization of game content, the organization and operation of events, the production of E-sports content and the dissemination of E-sports content.

  • China (Hangzhou) E-sports Digital Entertainment Town

    Wangjing tech together with Hangzhou Xiacheng District Government, Xiacheng City State Investment Co-sponsored China (Hangzhou) E-sports Town. The town is positioned as pioneer area for the comprehensive development national wide, and aim to become a global e-sports industry development highland with international influence.

    Project address: Shixiang Street, Xiacheng district, Hangzhou, China

    Project size: the first phase is 48000square meters, the second phase is 18.67 Hectare

    Project investments: 1.5billion RMB

    Progress: E-sports Town has been in use since September 2018. Another 62.6 Hectare will be under development before the end of 2018. Plan to become 2022 Asia Olympic E-sports venue

  • Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center

    Wangjing Tech and SH Mercedes-Benz Cultural Centre is collaborating to build E-sports industrial cultural centre

    Industrial incubator is located at B1 & B4 in Mercedes-Benz Cultural Centre, the total size of 2 floors are 2000 square meters

    The blueprint of the base: E-sports events, E-sports venue, E-sports industrial Forum, Youth Centre, Education training base, Intelligent equipment R&D etc.

    Meanwhile, CMEL Master Series Shanghai, ESTAR E-sport club also formed strategic cooperations. Both parties will continue to discover more collaborative opportunities

    Progress: Scope of collaborations have been defined, now is going into implementation stage

ASGARD Xiange E-Sports Club, short as AS Xiange, is based on the "New E-sports" Field Club of King's Glory Project, adhering to the spirit of competitive sports, striving for the peak of major competitions, and is the 2016 KPL King's Glory Professional League Championship. The main honors include:

  • KPL Professional League Championship


  • KOC City Championship


  • KOC Zhengzhou Champion


  • KOC Shanghai Season Army


  • QGC Glory of Kings Masters Champion


  • TGA Android Weekly Champion


STILL8 is Korea's leading e-sports company, upgraded from KONGDOO E-sports company.STILL8 organizes and manages Korea's popular e-sports leagues, including ASL (StarCraft) and PWM (PUBG).With its rich experience and strong network in e-sports industry, STILL8 designs and organizes fans'favorite tournaments, guarantees sponsorship revenue and distributes broadcasting authorizations to overseas platforms.

  • E-sports Business
  • E-sports sport gaming business
  • League Management
  • E-sports contents management
  • Tournament organization and management
  • E-sports talents management

Haimiou Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2017, focusing on the development and innovation of software and hardware related to intelligent equipment in games, e-sports and entertainment industries. It is Tencent WEGAME, ASUS China's strategic partner. Haimiou Technologies aims to create the first online + offline game new channel, and eventually build an intelligent terminal ecosystem.Main products include:

  • Self-Intelligent E-sports Game Station - MGC

  • Game Operating System-MOS

As a strategic head product of Haimiou Technologies, Haimiou Game Station is a shared intelligent terminal for e-sport games. It realizes the functions of self-service experience, remote maintenance and upgrading. It is suitable for high-traffic public places and provides diversified game services and high-quality game experience for the public.


ESCC China (Beijing) International Competition (Electronic Sport China Cup) It is a well-known brand in China. It is organized by the Organizing Committee of ESCC China Digital Competition. It is committed to promoting the popularization, development and improvement of E-sports National wide. ESCC China Digital Competition has two major competition systems, professional and non-professional. Professional events include the National Professional League, professional star invitation tournament, etc. Non-professional events include the National Internet Cafe League, the National Stadium League, the National College League, the City Tour and so on.

Under the guidance of China Sports Stadium Association, Sports Facilities and Construction Standards Office of State General Administration of Sports, ESCC China Digital Competition has established a set of standardization system, including competition operation standard, venue construction standard and authorized cooperation management standard. At the same time, ESCC has jointly trained and certified coaches, athletes, referees, commentators and other practitioners with universities, clubs and training institutions to help the professional development of the e-sports industry. ollege League, the City Tour and so on.

  • StarCraft II

    Symbolic of E-Sports

    Master piece of RTZ Games

    Extremely competitiveness and playfulness

    2018 Winter Olympics Project

    2022 Asia Olympics Project

  • PUBG

    The most popular product of E-sports

    Global players exceed 20million

    The hottest Strategic shooting game globally

    The most watched game project in the whole e-sport industry

  • Glory of Kings

    The most popular and competitive Mobile Game

    Mobile E-sport symbolic project

    Over 200million users nationally

    Becoming more and more popular in overseas market

Twenty-four countries and eight districts across five continents

The area of selection ranges from the countries supporting e-sport to the strategic radiation area. The event covers the world wide, and several sea winning teams win the regional finals, and the final teams in the regional finals advance to the Inter Continental finals. Intercontinental Championship and Asian Army Participate in ESCC China (Beijing) International Competition

Hangzhou MiQ Network Technology Co., Ltd (MiQ) is is a global innovative technology company that integrates mobile Internet product incubation, investment, R&D and distribution.Founded in 2012, the company covers the incubation and investment of pan-entertainment Internet products, digital marketing, advertising media, etc. Since its establishment, the company has won many honors and qualifications: "5050" plan key enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, software enterprises, etc.In the last round of funding, the company received hundreds of millions of B-round from Fortune Capital, First Seafront Fund of Fund and other institutions, with a market value of nearly 2 billion RMB. It became one of the fast-growing mobile Internet companies in China from 2014 to 2016, and was named the high growth technology-based top 100 enterprises in Zhejiang Province at the end of 2017.At present, MiQ is vigorously developing related businesses in the fields of pan-entertainment product incubation and investment, digital marketing and big data.

E-sports market has reached 88billion RMB in China, users have grown over 400million. It is worth to build a decent Trust Network for players to develop and grow in a transparent environment.

Leo Zeng, Founder of Wangjing Tech, Co-founder of MIQ Tech



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