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Self-develop DAPP

PVP will use its own industry resources to cooperate with the top enterprises in the industry,
and will give priority to the use of block chain technology in the field of competition management, competitive guessing and interactive fans

On-chain Fan Zone,
E-sports Pan-entertainment Platform
Background and Problem

Fans directly influence the resource of their idols. Many fans choose to join systematic fan clubs. Fan Leader, the head of the club, collect money from fans in the name of supporting the idol. However, some of them use their power to make big margin through non-transparent steps.


In the process of any offline celebrity meet ups, details will be showing on the Chain, Fans will use PVPCOIN to vote, the voting result will be the action plan of the meet ups. The decision based on the vote through Fans will pass on to the agent via PVPCOIN, it reduces the power the head of fans, as a result the margin earned by the head will be hugely reduce or eliminated.Meanwhile, fund-raising can also be set in the contract, which can distribute part of the income to the head of fans to make their income transparent, encourage them to carry out the activity plan while restoring power to ordinary fans

On-chain Betting,
E-sports Event Betting Platform
Background and Problem

The constraints of e-sports betting is safety of the funds and transparency of rules. The cost of obtaining online gambling certificate and license in legalized county and maintaining the stable operation is very high, which will be borne by consumers.


PVPChain will store digital assets using smart contact, and freezing, settlement, payout of digital assets will be implemented on the Chain to ensure the safety of consumers.August will be a trust node, produce reliable random multiples, through API upload to the Chain.August must freeze a set amount of PVPCOIN as deposit for multiples.

On-chain Event,
E-sports Event Management Platform
Background and Problem

Mainly centralized events hold by game publishers, players and clubs lack of right guarantee, players not receiving prize after the competition is often happening


To build a trusted, decentralized event operating system allowing all participates upload their event results and multi-digital assets on chain to achieve transparency of crowdfunded competitions or tournaments which can be launched on the Chain.

PVP Protocol

Protocol is based on the rules defined by the community consensus and expressed by code. The Protocol is also part of the ecological rules. The upgrade and modification of the agreement also requires the community to reach a consensus.

E-sports Event Protocol

By introducing the mechanism of multi-mode predictor, e-sports events will be realized on the chain. People can gain games copyright or event authorization by bearing tokens of PVPChain ecosystem. By this protocol, events can be initiated, crowdfunded, and organized quickly.

Voting Protocol

Voting Protocol is the core of distributed autonomous organization, participates obtain voting power through holding TOKEN. The purpose to support development of PVPCHAIN ecosystem. It can be used in different scenarios and applications to determine voting contents as well as voting policies/ rules.

Pass Protocol

PVP Pass is the prove of rights based on blockchain technology, first, it will implement under standards of Ethereum ERC721, every Pass will be the only digital asset, Senate and the community will together to decide on the rights of the Pass.

Betting Protocol

Betting vendors, after deposit payment, can create events and form a tailored market, and fulfill the pricing, purchase, implementation, settlement, and anticipation in a clear way under credible external witness

PVPCHAIN Infrastructure System

PVP is a high-performance public chain for E-sports business scenarios. It is the infrastructure system for PVPCHIAN Trust Network to connect e-sports ecology

Its basic network consists of block chain structure, encryption technology, consensus mechanism and networking form. Protocol groups on the basic network provide and compatible with various interactive protocols, including standard protocols for various competitive application scenarios

  • block chain structure

  • encryption technology

  • consensus mechanism

  • networking form

Support third-party applications and scenarios by PVPCHAIN

"Based on PVPCHAIN trusted network, a decentralized self-governing organization "Senator" is constructed. The Senator is composed of enterprises and communities in e-sports ecology. It uses the autonomy of decentralized management to strengthen the relationship between industry and community, and carries out cooperation and scenario development in many fields."

E-sports data audit and analysis

E-sports betting odds and prediction

Distributed Data Collaboration and Exchange

Push E-sports Industry to the Next Step

Through PVPCHIAN Trust Network, PVP connects enterprises, game providers, clubs, players and audiences in e-sports ecology. Based on Distributed Autonomous Organization, PVP provides a semi-decentralized business deployment platform for Industry builders and participants

2018 Q1

PVPCHAIN founded

2018 Q3

White Paper published

2018 Q4

MVP test Released

2019 Q1

PVPCHAIN Eco-Product Matrix

2019 Q2

PVPCHAIN Testnet online release

Pass Protocol Test

Start construction of Senator

2019 Q3

Betting protocol test

Publish E-sports betting platform

2019 Q4

E-sport protocol test

Voting protocol test

PVPCHAIN v1.0 Mainnet online

2020 Q1

Publish E-sports entertainment Fans club platform

2020 Q2

Publish E-sports event protocol

Voting protocol

Pass protocol

Betting protocol

2020 Q3

Publish events management platform