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Core Team

  • Leo Zeng

    - Founder & CEO

    Outstanding Youth Entrepreneur of Post-90s

    New Generation in China.

    Expert of compiling China’s National E-Sport Stadium

    Construction Standards.

    Director of Global E-Sports Industrial Alliance Council.

    Organizer and operator of offline e-sports ecology and

    national e-sports town.Technological innovator.

    Mover of consortium chain ecology.

  • Jian Shen

    - Co-Founder & CSO

    Bachelor of Mathematics

    Master of System Engineering & Econometrics

    Expertise of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

    Former Echolink GM of Pacific Asia

    Former Co-Founder of leading e-invoices exchange platform

    Participating in many national large data projects and broadcasting standards setting

  • Tony Cui

    - CTO

    Former senior game architect of Tencent.

    Expert of distributed application architecture.

    Expert of public chain and consortium chain technology.

    Community adviser and contributor of HyperLedger, an

    open source blockchain project.

    Distinguished Expert of new generation’s artificial

    intelligence alliance council member.

    Distinguished Expert of various technological projects

    dominated by government.

    Having led the product development and platform

    construction of several unicorn projects.

  • Yi HE

    - Head of Partnership&League Development

    First batch of Chinese e-sports professional players.

    Introducer of Korean E-Sports Culture.

    Partner of TAIDU Technology, with Xiaofeng Li-SKY.

    Partner of ASGARD. Adviser of eStar Gaming.

    Adviser of China Top.

    Founder of Carryes E-Sport Hall.

  • Nan Xie

    - Head of E-sports Projects

    Former professional e-sports player of Warcraft Ⅲ in

    China, national champion.

    Served in the LEVEL99 ,a Professional E-Sports Team.

    Olympic torch bearer of 2008.

    Served as the producer of Game Competitive Channel,


    Former director of Word Cyber Arena (WCA).

    Partner of Good Brother, an E-Sports Events Platform.

  • Zhengwei Liu

    - Head of Blockchain Architect Design

    Bachelor of Business at University of Technology Sydney Australia

    Joint JBI Labs since 2015.

    Expertise on Blockchain product framework design

    providing blockchain solutions to industries including banks,

    international e-commerce platforms, e-government constructions.

  • Yunfan Li

    - Social Media and Content Manager

    Bachelor of Engineering Management at Tongji University

    Master of Sports Management, Research on progression of Sportilization at Emlyon Business School France

    Participating “Internet + Sports” Startup France

    Participating operations of Pirelli F1, China GT

  • Yuan Chen

    - Product Manager

    Bachelor of Art at Communication University of Zhejiang

    Product Manager at Wangjing, responsible for design operations of competition events framework and building product

    Joint since 2015, responsible of operation of E-sports media and competitions

    CCNP Cisco Certified Senior Network Engineer

  • Selina Liu

    - International Success Officer

    Chartered Accountant Australia

    Master of Financial Management at CQUniversity

    Bachelor of Business at Griffith Australia

    EIR at HongKong

    Former Co-Founder at SaasPad China Beijing

    Former Venture Partner at HeXin Capital Beijing

    Finalist of ACAA Award 2017 - Entrepreneurship & Women in Leadership


  • Rob DeMillo

    Partner of Sparklabs Cyber+Blockchain Washington DC

    Former CTO at Nimble Collective

    Former CTO at Discovery Digital Networks

    Former CTO at VeriSign

    30 years + CTO experiences, series entrepreneur, cutting edge technology thought leader. Expertise on technology roadvmapping, product engineering, architecture and design.

    Recognised as the industry’s Top 15 Digital Media Influencers among Steve Jobs, Larry Paige in 2012.

  • Cheng Yin

    Graduated from Tsinghua University, the most valuable

    expert and senior software architect of Microsoft.

    Technical expert of CSDN.Technical adviser of the

    Microsoft - Tsinghua Joint Laboratory.Consultant of

    Mobile Internet Technology Association, Tsinghua

    University.Founder of Oracle-Java, Tsinghua University.

    Founder of Google Technology Club, Tsinghua

    University.Founder of Linux Technology Club, Tsinghua

    University.Proficient in Java,C/C++, rich experience

    in the field of mobile 3G, voice technology, javaEE,

    information security and Big data.Published Visual c++

    2010 Development Authority Guide in 2010.Published

    Windows 8 development authority guide: HTML5 and

    JavaScript volumes in 2013.Published Visual C++ 2012

    development authority guide in 2014.

  • Jacky Mao

    Chairman of MIQ Technology Company.

    Master of Electronic Engineering, Pennsylvania State


    MBA, Wharton School.

    Davos Young Global Leader.

    2015 Forbes 30 under-30 entrepreneurs.

    Distinguished Expert of “National Thousand Talents

    Plan”, China Central Organization Department.

    2015 (WEnF) World Young Entrepreneur Award.

  • Sunny Gao

    CEO of SegmentFault.

    Founder of SegmentFault Blockchain Technology


    The largest HACKATHON organizer in China.

    2014 Forbes 30 under-30 entrepreneurs.

    Founder of AngelCrunch, China's first angel investment


    Over 10 years of integrated experience in networking,

    entrepreneurship, investment, media, and games in the

    Internet industry.

  • Stephen Zhang

    Chairman and CEO of SchoolPal Online.

    Doctor of Semantic, Logic and Programming, University

    of Cambridge.

    Expert of “National Thousand Talents Plan”, China

    Central Organization Department.

    2013 Forbes 30 under-30 entrepreneurs.